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Along with phenomenon like BitCoin and Blockchain, Forex has increased in popularity in recent years. 

If you’ve ever travelled abroad – even just 26 miles to Calais – you’ve made a Foreign Exchange trade. Supply and demand dictates how many euros you get for your pound sterling and the exchange rate changes constantly. 

Forex trading is based on where you think currency is heading. If you think it is on a downward turn, you can sell the currency; if you believe a currency is heading up, you may buy it. 

Forex trading is betting on the value of two currencies set against each other. 

The EUR / USD is the most traded duo in the world – you will see the value of a Euro against a US dollar – and then two prices: to buy and to sell. The difference is the spread. 

The Forex market is worth trillions and this course from LTRFX consists of EiGHT sections with 39 LESSONS in total. 

Part One forms an introduction to Forex right through to final thoughts, with technical instruction sandwiched between.

You can learn at your own pace and revisit lessons at your leisure. 

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